Document TitlePriceAuthor
The Postage Dues of Zanzibar 1875–1964 The Stamps, the Covers and Their Story 539 pages, 270 full colour illustrations: Hard bound with dust jacket £90 plus postage
British Postage Due Mail. 1914–1971 A Study of Uses of the Pre-Decimal Postage Due Stamps 1993 £6 plus postage
British Civilian Postage Rates of the 20th Century 2000 £7.50 plus postage
International Postage Rates 1890s –1957 2010. Comprehensive listing of rates for letters, postcards, printed matter, registration, express delivery from all the countries in the world, to the UK according to GPO records. £15 plus postage
UK Taxe Marks for International Mail 1875–2000 Usage & Listing 2007. As well as a comprehensive listing of all Taxe marks, there is nearly 100 pages on the UPU rules and the calculation of postage due charges. £34 plus postage, or in US or Canadian $

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